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Expert watch repair in Orange County

We are proud to offer high end watch service and repair on our premises at Hayes Jewelers. Kelly Hayes is on-task daily breathing new mechanical and cosmetic life into your watch. This extends its life, increases its accuracy and preserves its great beauty for the next generation.


Why it's important to service your watch

Over time, the lubricants in your luxury mechanical watch tend to deteriorate causing a change in viscosity that can cause a change in timekeeping. The soft rubber seals become hardened, less pliable and eventually compromise the water resistance. The watch case and bracelet usually become scratched and soiled. This all occurs naturally even with the most meticulous care. Part of the beauty of owning a high end watch is that it is intended to be worn 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

About Kelly Hayes: CMW-21 Master Watchmaker Since 1977

Frequent periodic training

AWCI Certified Master Watchmaker CMW-21

Only genuine parts and tools used

No watches accepted with non original parts

Two year warranty

Hayes Jewelers
27001 La Paz Rd 430A
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It is recommended to have your high end mechanical watch serviced every 5 years. Since 1977, our AWCI Master Watchmaker has performed services to over 30,000 high end watches to date. Come see why Orange County has trusted Hayes Jewelers with their precious investment.

Included with service is:

  • Oils & Lubricants Changed

  • Case & Bracelet Refinished

  • Mechanism is inspected and all worn parts are replaced

  • Synthetic Lubricants are Applied

  • Gaskets are Replaced

  • Tested for Accuracy & Water Proofing

  • Only Genuine Parts Used

  • 2-Year Warranty

  • No watches excepted with non genuine parts

Kelly Hayes
Certified Master Watchmaker


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27001 La Paz Rd. Ste 430A
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